Calling All Young People!

The world is messed up.

Some part of it always has been, and always will be. We understand that as our society advances in complexity, so does its issues. As young people, we are so grateful for the work that adults have done in confronting the world’s problems, even if a few wrong choices are made in the process. We are all doing what we can, where we can.

As young people, we wish to embody a more active role in alleviating the world’s suffering. We want to lend a larger helping hand to our elders in government, not overthrow them. We believe that we have something unique to offer. Being young gives us different perspectives, different world-views, different ways to go about solving a problem, or spreading awareness on an issue.

We know, attending school and aspiring towards university are imperative—but so is having a cause. So is turning your attention to something greater than you are.

Sometimes, signing an online petition isn’t enough. Sometimes, showing up for a couple rallies doesn’t make one feel like they are wholly making a difference. Doing those things are wonderful—but some have restless spirits, and wish to take direct action when tackling the injustices of the world.

This is where Youth Changes comes in.

You don’t have to be a technology whiz or full-blown activist to help change the world. All we look for are those with extreme passion and commitment to helping others. Our causes are determined based on what we as a group decide, and will be confronted open-endedly.

Reader—if you are the slightest bit interested in joining, or have any questions about YCTW, then we highly encourage you to shoot us an email. We are totally open to chatting about different issues, ranging from current events to personal dilemmas. Our goal is to help others and the world we live in—that includes providing emotional support to all and anyone who needs it.

Youth Changes is a very flexible, open-ended community. We will not ostracize or disparage anyone regardless of how old, or young you are. While Youth Changes is geared towards empowering young people through a community of like-minded youth, we will readily collaborate with anyone who finds themselves with similar goals in mind.

Thank you.


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