Who We Are, And Why We Need You

Hi everyone.

Youth Changes is a group of young people who aspire to be world-changers—and are working together to do just that.

As youths in an adult-governed world, our voices tend to get drowned out by our more boisterous counterparts. So many of the today’s issues, stretching from intrinsic values to foreign policy, are being mulled over in the minds of inquisitive young people. We think about the world’s problems, and wish we could do something to alleviate the suffering—but to what extent do we, as “minors” without government positions, make an impact? As it often feels for us ordinary youth, not much.

Youth Changes is trying to change that. We want youth to be able to prove to themselves and the world that we do have the potential for being world-changers. We want youth to feel empowered through collaboration. We want youth to turn their wishes into implications, and take action.

However, we take things one small step at a time. We understand that life can be hectic, and that taking on the weight of the world is no fun game. So, we need those who are extremely passionate and dedicated to helping the world to speak up. We need to hear those voices. There is no more time to be wasted in the fog of indifference, no more time to be wasted waiting for those above us to run the show with wrong choices. We need you to realize this. We need you to take your stance. As a youth, you are no less capable of lending a helping hand than those seated on the Senate floor.

Whether you are an adolescent, adult, or consider yourself somewhere in-between, this is all we ask of you: Believe that you can make a difference, and you shall.

Thank you, fellow world-changers.

And remember—take it one step at a time.