This system, government, was not founded with the intention of bringing and sustaining happiness to humankind, but rather to sustain the human race. To make humans dominant for as long as possible. To keep us alive.

It may sound unsettling to state it in that way, but survival was always the intrinsic motivator. Government focuses on the objective, the universal, rather than the subjective, the individual.

That having been said, which is more important? Solely the dominance of the objective human race, or the abstract freedom of the individual?



The only thing we truly have is the present moment.

It is the only thing that is innately important in the grand scheme of things. This centuries-old institution [school] is degrading in that it is consistently geared towards “preparation”—more, and more, and more preparation for the future.

The institution falls short of doing even that correctly.

It is best to focus on the world of today than the world ten, one hundred, ten thousand years from now. Our lives, our youth, our creativity now is what matters, what is being put at stake. All “preparation” does is contort our sense of purpose.